Käytämme evästeitä tarjotaksemme paremman käyttökokemuksen ja henkilökohtaista palvelua. Suostumalla evästeiden käyttöön voimme kehittää entistä parempaa palvelua ja tarjota sinulle kiinnostavaa sisältöä. Sinulla on hallinta evästeasetuksistasi, ja voit muuttaa niitä milloin tahansa. Lue lisää evästeistämme.

“Every bit and piece of dough is used.”

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“Fazer is an excellent example of how a company can prevent climate change with very concrete actions,” says Tomas Teräs, Technical Director of Fazer Bakery Finland.

I am responsible for Fazer Bakery’s technical operations, such as maintenance and investments in our production facilities in Vantaa, Lahti and Lappeenranta. I have been in this position for four years, and throughout that time, responsibility has been visible and strengthened in our daily work.”

At Fazer, combating climate change is a big part of the company strategy. Concrete sustainability measures include reducing the amount of plastic in packaging, making cake boxes from recycled bottles and developing new products to reduce waste. One hundred per cent renewable energy is used in production.

This reduces food waste by about 300,000 kilos per year.

In my team, we are helping to achieve climate goals, for example, by investing in new technologies, such as energy-saving baking ovens, and a packaging machine that uses, besides plastic, more different materials, such as paper.

Fazer Bakery has reduced plastic by more than 50 million bags in three years.

It feels good to be able to develop innovations that contribute to climate goals that inspire the entire organisation. In 2020, we brought a system to the Vantaa bakery, where the excess dough that is left after products are cut into shape is automatically recycled back into the dough to be used. This reduces food waste by about 300,000 kilos per year.

We get good ideas from the production staff, for example, on ways to reduce wastage.

The wastage dough that cannot be utilised in production is delivered to ST1 as a raw material for biofuel, so nothing is wasted.

The debate on climate issues in the workplace has clearly increased, and Fazer employees seem to know a lot about responsibility. We get good ideas from the production staff, for example, on ways to reduce wastage. Personnel play a significant role in corporate responsibility work, as people who work in production see daily what works and what influences.

Climate thinking is also part of my everyday life. My goal is to do a personal climate action every year. Now I’m getting geothermal heating for my house, and then I will change my car to an electric vehicle. I also cycle a lot more than before – it’s a great way to prevent global warming and improve fitness.”


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