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Telma magazine has been renewed

The renewed Telma magazine will deal with current issues in working life also in the future, but the layout and handling of the contents have been renewed. We make a magazine for you readers, so it’s important for us to get feedback on the magazine. You can send your feedback to

Working life is changing rapidly now. We have compiled information and tips on many topics of interest in this issue, such as work community communication, reachability, tuning up your work, and hybrid work.

Nowadays, it is worth paying attention to data security as everything is online. A huge amount of data is stored on the Internet, and the transfer of sensitive information is easy over the network.

Fortunately, workplace violence can also be prevented.

Social media has had a positive impact, but also negative. Overwhelming negative feedback and even severe cyberbullying occur. We may not be able to influence the behaviour of others, but we can create policies for preventing risks and dealing with situations on social media.

One of the most growing occupational safety problems is violence and the threat of violence at work, especially in the social and health care sectors. Fortunately, workplace violence can also be prevented.

The employment of the partially disabled is important for individuals but also for society. We will tell you more about employment promotion and the work of a workability coordinator.

What are the lessons learnt from the coronavirus pandemic?

These days everyone is, of course, talking about the coronavirus pandemic. How has it affected jobs, and how have things been organised in the workplace? What are the lessons learnt, and what will remain of the changes when we return to the new normal? Health and safety have been emphasised in all work, now also more and more in office work. Identifying hazards, risk assessment, familiarisation and co-operation in occupational health and safety have evolved with the preparations related to the coronavirus. We will continue to make these positive changes permanent operating models.


Rauno Hanhela

Chairman of the Editorial Board


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