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Recruitment and work guidance – building blocks of the workplace

The theme of the second number of Telma’s 10th jubilee year brings to my mind the concept of ‘employer brand’. That is the starting point of recruitment. All workplaces want to give a positive picture of themselves, and to attract the best people to join their work team. A good work environment, flexibility and participative development are factors that affect attraction.

Recruitment in itself is a process that can’t be done too carefully. It is important for both parties that the right person is chosen. If there are many applicants, then already the preliminary screening is decisive. It is easy to overlook even a good applicant, if the wrong screening criteria are used.

Several factors must be weighed in the final selection. What kind of a person and expertise are we looking for in this case? What kind of impact will this person have on our work community? A new employee is not hired only for the present situation, but also to do tasks needed in the future. What does this mean for us in practice?

When recruiting people, it is also good to ponder what kind of workplace as a whole do we want to build. Might we possibly recruit a person with partial work ability? Or perhaps a person with a foreign background?

When a new employee starts working, he or she needs to be thoroughly oriented to the workplace and guided in the work tasks. The emphasis of the guidance depends for instance on the hazards involved in the work. Work guidance has a special role, for example at constantly changing construction sites where also the workers change continuously.

The work orientation and guidance helps a new employee to adapt to the work community and become an accepted member of the group. Work guidance is also interactive. This offers an excellent opportunity to utilize the new person’s views and observations regarding the workplace. Work guidance is not merely a short period when starting to work at a new workplace; at its best it continues throughout a person’s work career.

Related to the recruitment theme, it is also noteworthy to consider the entire personnel, and to look at learning and developing at work, as well as internal transfers and changes in job description. Telma also deals with these aspects.


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