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On the rainbow

When a young person starts working in his or her first job, they rarely think of starting a work career which will proceed in a perfect arc, eventually ending gracefully in retirement. But this is just as well, because carrying out this kind of ideal work career might even be dull.

When an employee analyses his work together with the supervisor in the development discussion, they usually don’t have a very clear picture of where the person will be in five or ten years.

The form of an arc is an apt description of a person’s work career – and of their whole life. Of all the arcs in the world, the rainbow is the best metaphor for the employment arc.

This year’s first issue Telma shows that many of us have a colourful work career that can be compared to the rainbow. The edges of the colours are a bit fuzzy and unclear, and the end of the work career remains vague. At the beginning of our work life we don’t know whether we should at some stage move on to the neighbouring colour – or even to a contrasting colour, in other words, an entirely different line of work.

One shouldn’t be afraid of this kind of total change, because the courage to confront new challenges during your work career ensures the possibility to stay on the employment arc, and to still be full of drive and energy when you reach the other end in a graceful manner. Many of the persons interviewed in the journal have achieved this.

Even if the arc breaks in a crisis, it can be fixed and bent again to the desired tautness, just like a bow. One must just be careful not to release the tension suddenly like a bow, but rather in a much more controlled manner.

Also this year Telma continues to tackle important topics. Apply the ideas presented in the journal at your own workplace. It is not always necessary to launch a big project in order to be successful.

Kenneth Johansson



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