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Let’s join forces to be flexible

Today everyone is talking about change and flexibility at work. Flexible solutions may be needed in a person’s private life situation, in the case of loading work, or when there is a sudden demand for extra work input. A bigger change is often necessary when a person’s life changes abruptly, or the workplace undergoes a profound change.

Covid-19 has naturally brought about great changes to the work of many people. For instance, having to work remotely has become the new normal for many, and it affects people in different ways. This is shown in Telma’s article on the study carried out at the institutes of higher learning in Tampere.

Flexibility often has two sides to it. For example, digital devices make flexible work possible, but there is also a danger that the huge gap in the skills of the people using them threatens to increase inequality in work life.

A family-friendly workplace and balancing work and private life are familiar concepts at all modern workplaces. There are many ways of realizing these concepts, and the benefits are obvious. Flexible work arrangements increase a person’s job satisfaction and productivity. And conversely, when an enterprise is flexible, also employees want to be flexible and to give more in return.

Each one of us can make choices and decisions that affect the flexibility of our work community and social network. Especially the commitment of young people to work life and their coping at work requires flexible ways of acting.

Flexibility and self-direction are positive, sought-after characteristics. There is a risk, however, that an employee tries to stretch too much and works even while being sick. Having clear-cut rules and following them is a basis for mutual trust, which is the starting point for well-functioning flexibility.

One thing is certain: in the future, even more flexibility, anticipation, and the ability to implement different ideas in practice, will be needed in work life, in other words, the much talked about resilience.


Rauno Hanhela



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