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Innovativeness, productivity and employee well-being

Improving the well-being of employees is directly linked with productivity. A healthy and contented employee is motivated and enthusiastic about his or her work, and this naturally leads to more efficient working. An enthusiastic employee wants to develop his own work and the functioning of the whole organization. He or she may also come up with a brilliant idea which will crystallize into a much hoped for innovation.

Merely the well-being of an individual is not sufficient. Cooperation is central in innovation. Usually innovative solutions do not arise from one individual’s thoughts, but rather from a network of many ideas. So innovation is not the exclusive right of just a few individuals. In today’s ideal work culture everybody participates in the development.

The inability to think in a new way is often an obstacle to development. People typically cling to safe old ways. The old way is familiar while the new way is a leap into the unknown. However, having the courage to plunge into change often guarantees the productivity and competitiveness of an organization. When an atmosphere of courage and experimentation is created in an organization, anything is possible. And making mistakes should not be dreaded. We should of course learn from our mistakes, but not be punished for them. Also the skills of the leaders are weighed in the creation of this kind of culture. The everyday leadership of the work community is of crucial importance.

Nothing new is achieved if there is constant haste and fussing around at the workplace. Creative ideas require a relaxed approach and time to think without pressure.

One should also be able to measure the direction in which the development of well-being and productivity is going, so that additional boost can be given to measures that support a culture of innovativeness and development. Such measurement tools have recently been created and their efficiency has been tested successfully.

In this issue of Telma you will find substantial proof and interesting stories which illustrate the above-mentioned thoughts.

Rauno Hanhela



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