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Climate change can also be curbed in the workplace

Do I travel by plane or train from Helsinki to Vaasa for work? Mitigating climate change at the individual level is not always difficult. In many cases, it is enough to think whether you could carry out each business trip and everyday chore a bit differently. Often you can. And often an alternative way of doing things can also be a small climate act.

The same principle in changing one’s own behavior can be perfectly applied to the protection of water bodies. There is no reason to throw rubbish from a ship or boat into the seas or lakes.

For example, the water footprint of a cup of coffee is about 140 litres.

Like safety issues, environmental issues are everyone´s business in the workplace. Everyone knows what a carbon footprint is, but a water footprint is not a familiar concept to many. The water footprint refers to how much water a person, company, municipality or state consumes through its entire consumption. For example, the water footprint of a cup of coffee is about 140 litres. You can calculate your own or your company’s carbon footprint at and your water footprint at

Electronic ERP systems have already enabled a paperless office and work that previously seemed utopian. At the same time, they have made remote working possible for those for whom it is possible due to the nature of their work. This in turn reduces commuting and thereby improves air quality. Many workplaces may have taken good climate measures on the fly in streamlining their own operations.

Climate change mitigation measures also have a downside.

Climate change mitigation measures also have a downside. For example, the reuse of materials may generate new risks for employees. We must be able to prepare for them and ensure occupational safety. In any case, climate-friendly workplaces require a change in old habits.
In addition to the climate theme, in this issue of Telma, we talk about the IPS model, which helps mental health rehabilitators to find a new job, and the empowering effects of remote work, without forgetting the workload. Worth reading!


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